The OG’s

You know when you were a kid, and you got that new toy, or video game, and you couldn’t stop talking about it? Something that was just played with 24/7 and couldn’t get your hands off of it? Well when I tell you Shooter was the only thing I cared about and talked about, Shooter was THE ONLY thing I talked about. Customers at work, coworkers, friends, family, snapchat, social media, Shooter was the highlight of my life. But before Shooter, I had some OG’s in my life (OG means originals for those not up on the term). Max and Benny. These two guys helped out my childhood by giving me a special bond with a cat, and entertainment with a dog. 

The Roots

Hello and welcome to the Bark Blog, where you will follow the adventurous lives of Derek, Jodi and Shooter. The three of us are the greatest of friends and have created a family together with countless number of laughs, memories and pictures that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. But the journey […]