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About Happie Dog

Happie Dog is the first-ever lifestyle brand created for you to wear and your dogs to see! Derek, who is a crazy dog dad, and his best friend Shooter, who is a crazy lab mix, have cherished their journey through life together. With the inspiration from this dog-human relationship, Derek wanted to harness the intangible feeling of their relationship. So he began creating products for the world to see as well as his best friend, and Happie Dog was born. Happie Dog’s product line is based around the visible color spectrum of dogs, with the primary colors being yellow and blue. Since these are the only two colors dogs can truly see, Derek wanted to give back to the world with the same unconditional love he gets from Shooter and create a brand he knew his best friend could also enjoy.

About Derek “The Dog Boss”

Derek was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania and graduated from Bloomsburg University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. In 2015, he decided to start a new chapter in his life and moved to sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Since then, he has spent his days loving life, playing golf, being a diehard Tennessee Titans fan, enjoying the beach, spending time with friends, creating an adventurous journey with his girlfriend, and giving his dog Shooter the best possible life. Spreading positivity in the world, smiling, laughing, and cherishing the little things are priceless to him. Happie Dog is his first entrepreneurial venture, and with loyalty, respect, and determination, he aims to create something beautiful for people to express their love for their best four-legged friends!

The Dog behind Happie Dog

Shooter was born in Florence, South Carolina and was rescued on December 22, 2015, before moving to Myrtle Beach with his dad. He lives life like a dog king while going for tons of car rides to the park, playing fetch with his countless number of toys, receiving bi-monthly grooming days, and eating the best food possible. Shooter absolutely loves being outside in the sun, and he enjoys going to the beach, digging in the sand and going ankle deep in the ocean. In the summertime, Shooter loves to be a boat dog, hanging with all his friends out on the Intracoastal Waterway. A gentle giant, he has the biggest heart for a dog and lives his life with a wagging tail, smiles, tons of kisses to spread the positivity, and all the love and loyalty that comes with being a dog!

Why Happie Dog?