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Owner, Derek Beisel

About Happie Dog Apparel

Happie Dog Apparel is 100% inspired by a rescue dog named Shooter. The branding behind Happie Dog comes from the scientific research on a dogs Dichromatic Vision, which means blue and yellow are the two colors dogs see best! So when you wear our brand, our Happie Dogs can see it! We proudly donate a portion of our sales to a local animal shelter or a dog in need each month!

Derek - The Owner

Graduating from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, Derek took a risk and moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina by himself in August of 2015. In December of 2015, he got into a car accident, leading to depression and anxiety from being alone. He went on craigslist and rescued a 5.6 pound black and white lab puppy. Little did he know, that dog would change his life forever. Outside of being a dog dad to Shooter and Mack, Derek loves to golf, go to the beach, watch his beloved Tennessee Titans and spend time with his loving wife Jodi.

derek the owner
shooter the ceo

Shooter - The CEO

Shooters story started on December 22nd,2015 when he was rescued by Derek off an ad on craigslist. Meeting in a Walmart parking lot, thats where the journey began for Shooter and Derek. Shooter is 100% the inspiration behind Happie Dog, and hopes his legacy can continue to put smiles on dog owners as well as his fellow Happie Dogs for years to come. Shooter loves to go to the beach, ride on a pontoon boat, play with tennis balls, sleep on his own couch and play with his brother Mack. 

Mack - The Marketing Manager

Mack was rescued from a busy highway in Pawleys Island, South Carolina in May of 2021. He was heartworm positive, peeing blood from his UTI, had a severe eye, ear and skin infection. With love and care from his new Happie Dog family, he tested heartworm negative, became way healthier by gaining 10 pounds, and became a focal point in the family. Mack shows unconditional love everywhere he goes, with grateful tailwags and kisses. He loves to play with the tennis ball with his brother, go for car rides, chew on bones and relax comfortably in a loving house. Mack is the true definition of a Happie Dog, labeled a “senior dog” he plays and enjoys life like he’s a puppy, not caring what happened in the past and embraces his new life.