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About Happie Dog

Happie Dog is 100% rescue dog inspired by Shooter who is a Lab Pit mix. Happie Dog Apparel is designed in the two colors dogs can see best; blue and yellow… so when you wear Happie Dog our furry friends can see it! We use the dog loving relationship between owner and canine to create a branded product that uses science behind the colors! O and then when you support Happie Dog, a portion of our sales is donated to a local animal shelter!

About Derek- The Owner

Derek is originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania where he attended Bloomsburg University and graduated with a bachelors in marketing. Right after graduation, he started working for AT&T, gaining knowledge in the corporate world and understanding business first hand. After 1 year, he transferred to Myrtle Beach South Carolina, for a position at a new retail store. Myrtle Beach was the perfect location for him because he loves to golf,enjoy the beach, swim at the pool, and enjoy the sunny weather that the city offers. Derek’s biggest passion in life besides the Tennessee Titans, is being a loving dog dad. All the adventures him and Shooter went on, he knew there was something more that was unprecedented in the dog market. After 6 years of working in the corporate world, he took a leap of faith to start Happie Dog, a business inspired by his rescue dog, Shooter. The rewarding joy, and the smiles he puts on dog owners faces with his product and story, really gives him the most in life in his early 30’s. He hopes to be a recognizable brand in the dog market, and continue to build the business nationwide.  

Shooter- The CEO

Shooter was born in Florence, South Carolina and was rescued in a Walmart parking lot by Derek on December 22nd,2015. Shooter weighing in at 5.6 pounds on his first day, began the life every dog dreams of. Shooter loves to go for car rides, park trips, lay in the sun, dig holes in the sand on the beach, walk, and love his mom and dad. Shooter loves the Tennessee Titans just like his dad, and his favorite food besides his Lamb and Oatmeal is steak and Smartfood popcorn. He always loves to lay on his back to sleep, he loves chewing on bones, and he loves enjoying life to the fullest. 

Why Happie Dog?